DESIGN – Modern technical solutions.

The Design department of Magnum 7 employs highly motivated professionals in Refrigeration, Heating and Ventilation, Electrical and Industrial lightning.

The designers of Magnum 7 develop conceptual, technical and detailed designs of refrigeration, air conditioning and lighting systems. Magnum 7 always complies with the wishes of the client and the regulatory law requirements. If the client does not have a technology project (Terms of reference), Magnum 7’s specialists can develop any technology projects for refrigeration, air conditioning and lighting systems. Magnum 7 drafts projects for shops, warehouses, industrial buildings, refrigerated chambers (warehouses), dairies, wineries, pharmaceutical facilities, medical centers, restaurants, bakeries, flower shops, gas stations, offices, banks, sports buildings, hotels, spas, agricultural centers, logistics centers, Data centers, etc.

Magnum 7 has the resources to design shock tunnels (freezers) and high-temperature rooms for technological and production needs. By combining rational ideas with professional attitude and devotion, we can offer and perform modern technical solution for the business of our clients.


The design solutions of Magnum 7 comply with environment care and protection of the environment. We rely on innovative solutions to reduce energy costs of the operation of refrigeration, air conditioning and lighting systems. This includes not only our proposed high-efficiency equipment, but also the installation of heat recovery systems for the refrigeration and air