Commercial equipment

Integrated approach of offering different types of equipment.

The product portfolio of Magnum 7 offers diversity in satisfying special requirements.

Magnum 7 equips all kinds of commercial sites – shops, shops of gas stations, supermarkets, hypermarkets.

We can assist for finding the best solution for any different project.

Recently, most of our clients are looking for a partner who can provide delivery, installation and maintenance of more than one type of commercial equipment. Magnum 7 is the right partner for delivery, installation and maintenance of refrigerators, cold rooms, air conditioning equipment, checkout counters, track systems, automatic sliding doors, fresh convection baking systems, lighting, shelving, shopping trolleys, baskets, accessories for shelving systems and refrigerator displays.

We offer integrated services for the satisfaction of our clients. And they are happy because:

  • earn greater discounts from increased sales volumes;
  • gain time by better organization of deliveries;
  • security benefit from better organization of complex maintenance.

Commercial equipment


Magnum 7 is a main partner of Linde Ladenbau for Bulgaria for delivery and installation of storage systems for all retail outlets and warehouses. We offer professional solutions for successful marketing and sales of a wide range of products for any grocery stores and non-food goods. Our customers always receive the best service – the design of the store, delivery, installation and after sales services.